About Us

Insurance Matters is a locally owned insurance brokerage serving customers throughout Saskatchewan. We are committed to offering our customers the best possible product along with the best possible experience to meet their specific insurance needs.

We are one of the most progressive, modern, and fastest growing insurance brokerages in Saskatchewan. Our owners, and brokers are one of the youngest in the industry and we are continually updating our technology to stay ahead of the rapidly changing insurance environment.

We offer easy and convenient insurance for you all from the comfort of your home, and because we keep up to date with the latest technology, you can be confident in our secure online process! We continually strive to keep pace with customer expectations all while providing a seamless online insurance experience.

Come see us at one of our locations Wynyard, Wadena or Kelvington. Get to know us and we want to know you! We strive to have a strong relationship with our customers to make them feel more like home, rather than just another number.