By the numbers: MUSTANG VS. CAMARO- Hagerty

When you have access to a truckload of information about classic cars and their owners, it seems
silly not to use it. So, the folks at Hagerty® did.
Hagerty created a color-coded map to illustrate which car is more popular by state, the 1964 1/2–66
Mustang or 1967-69 Camaro. It’s much like the Electoral College maps we see on television during
the presidential election, although less likely to cause family strife when discussed at the dinner
Some observations about the first-generation Mustang vs. Camaro map:
• Overall the numbers are practically equal; in the U.S., Hagerty insures about 32,000 of each
first-generation car. State by state, Camaros carry 30 states, Mustangs 20.
• In every state, Camaros are more valuable—on average—than Mustangs. Using Hagerty
Guaranteed Value® for each insured vehicle, the average Camaro is valued at $35,720,
while the average Mustang carries a value of $22,449.
• Mustangs are not necessarily a Baby Boomer car. “I thought states with more Baby
Boomers would explain the states with more Mustangs, but that isn’t the case,” says Hagerty
Senior Data Analyst John Wiley. “Only 35 percent of the states (seven) where Mustangs are
more numerous have more Baby Boomers. In fact, more often Millennials are more
numerous in the Mustang states.” Of the 13 states in which Baby Boomers are more
numerous, Mustang carried seven states and Camaro six.
• Utah is a big Camaro state. Camaros out number Mustangs by about 20%.
• Minnesota is a big Mustang state. Mustangs outnumber Camaros by 10%.