“Stay safe during wildlife collision season”- SGICanada

“The fall/winter season is a busy time of year for wildlife. While we always recommend keeping an eye out, your chances of colliding with a wild animal increase from October to January. (In the spring, wildlife collisions also increase between May and June.)

Think it can’t happen to you? Check out the statistics1:

  • Every 38 minutes in Canada, there’s 1 collision between a motor vehicle and a wild animal.
  • 89% of collisions with wildlife happen on two-lane roads just outside cities and towns.
  • 86% of wildlife collisions happen in on warm weather days.

If you’re planning any sort of travel this winter, make sure you’re watching for deer, moose, elk and other wild animals – both big and small.” – SGICanada

For 8 things to keep in mind, follow the link below.